Updated Medical Accommodations Card for CSF Leaks


CSF-Leak-Association-Medical-Accommodations-Card-V2-Home-Print-VersionMany CSF leak sufferers will have experienced the need to sit or lie down because of their symptoms, while being in a place where sitting or lying down was not socially acceptable, allowed or provided for. Sometimes people may initially object to you lying down somewhere because your disability is invisible.

The CSF Leak Association has updated its popular Medical Accommodations Card, which can often help in such situations. The card is free to download for personal use. It can be folded in half and kept in your purse or wallet. CSF Leak Association members also receive professionally-printed version in their welcome/renewal packs.

The card explains what a CSF leak is, what symptoms you may be experiencing and your need to sit or lie down. It can be shown to any one who may not understand your need to sit or lie down and encourage them to make allowances and provide assistance.

You can download a copy to print off at home here:

CSF Leak Medical Accommodations Card


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