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Measuring Opening Pressure on Lumbar Puncture


CSF Leak Association Factsheet Series Advert - Opening Pressure on Lumbar Puncture

Measuring lumbar puncture opening pressure is common practice during CSF leak and spontaneous intracranial hypertension diagnosis.

Many confirmed or potential CSF leak sufferers often query how pressure is measured, the differences between opening pressure and intracranial pressure recording, and what ranges constitute normal, low and high pressure.

Our new factsheet explores the key ins/outs of measuring opening pressure by lumbar puncture and provides details on the common pressure ranges in tabulated form. Also covered are the basics of CSF production and absorption.

The importance of using non-cutting needles for lumbar puncture procedures, in order to reduce the risk of post-dural puncture headache and persistent CSF leak, is also highlighted.

Download the factsheet here: Measuring Opening Pressure & Intracranial Pressure