Deborah Lunnon: A CSF Leaker’s Journey

As part of Leak Week UK 2018, we’ve been running a series of videos and stories looking at what it’s like to live life with a CSF leak.

On this penultimate day of Leak Week, we thought it would be interesting to look at one recurrent CSF leak sufferer’s journey, from their first leak to the present day.

Meet Deborah Lunnon. She’s experienced recurrent spinal CSF leaks since 2007.

Deborah has had multiple interventions, all of which have worked for varying degrees of time, but the leaks ultimately return.

She was diagnosed with hEDS as well as a CSF leak – a combination increasingly witnessed when leaks occur spontaneously – and also has a Tarlov cyst.

Deborah produced this fantastic flow diagram to document her journey. It complements her video and we are sure that it’ll be of real interest to many leakers.

Click on the poster for a version suitable for sharing on social media or click here to download a copy of Deborah’s journey suitable for printing.


Cambridge Rare Disease Network

Deborah also produced an excellent poster in conjunction with the CSF Leak Association for the Cambridge Rare Disease Network in 2017.


You can download a copy of the poster by clicking here.