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Hello! Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the CSF Leak Association. We hope that this page and our guide will provide you with a little bit of information about who we are, what we do and how you can support us, but if you’d like to discuss anything in particular or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Membership Overview

As an organisation, our aim is to provide support to all sufferers of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks and, in addition, their family, friends and medical advisers. Whether the leak is caused by injury, accident, a pre-existing medical condition, be it spinal or cranial leak, we will do all we can to supply you with the information you need to know.


CSF Leak Association Membership Card

If you think you may have a CSF leak but have not yet received a positive diagnosis, we can help you find a consultant in your area that has experience of treating patients with CSF leaks. If you already have a diagnosis, we can help explain all the medical terms and procedures that you may encounter on your way towards treatment and resolution.

We understand that this condition can be debilitating, life-changing and sometimes frightening. We hope that the information contained within our membership resources, publications and on our website will give you will help to take the edge off some of these worries and reassure you that you are not alone.


Exclusive members’ window sticker

The CSF Leak Association is run by people who all have personal experience of CSF leaks. Many of our trustees and volunteers have suffered, or are still suffering, with the effects of a leak, while others are partners or family of a ‘leaker’ (as we like to be known!). We firmly believe that it is vital that those offering support understand completely what you are going through, and we know how important it is to know that support is out there.

As a membership organisation, we rely heavily on the fantastic support and generous encouragement of our members and volunteers in the work that we do. Without this dedicated help, we could not function and would be unable to continue in our work to raise awareness of cerebrospinal fluid leaks and push for positive change.

For more information about membership, the charity, what we do and how we operate, please download a copy of our guide to CSF Leak Association membership.

If you share our aims and objectives and benefit from the work that we do, why not join us and get involved?

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Membership Benefits

As a new member of the CSF Leak Association, you will be sent a welcome pack, which includes:

  • Welcome letter
  • Membership card
  • Medical accommodations cards
  • Window sticker
  • Awareness wrist band
  • A copy of our latest factsheet
  • Printed copies of our Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks: An Overview leaflet

Membership benefits also include:

  • Access to our members’ mailing list
  • Access to our online membership system
  • Access to our members’ network directory
  • Access to our membership library
  • Right to attend and vote at members’ meetings

You will also be eligible to receive a full copy of our quarterly e-newsletter, Leaker Life, as soon as it is published (in the near future, non-members have access to limited new content and back-issues only).

To join online or download an application form, please click here .

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