Fundraising Ideas

We’ve drawn together a variety of fundraising ideas used leakers, their friends and families to raise funds for medical treatment in the USA. Many thanks to Claire Hubbard for providing many of the suggestions and examples.

Where possible, we have included an example of the amount of money raise for each event. However, these are obviously not guaranteed amounts and may vary significantly depending on the circumstances.

The list is not exhaustive and please ensure that you have any and all necessary permissions and insurances for events and the like.

  • Coffee morning and raffle (raised £325)
  • Ladies night and beauty evening (all volunteers) (raised £1,800)
  • Comedy night at the local pub (invited Comedians, ticket included food put on by the pub, £20 a head) (raised £2,700)
  • Marathon runners x 2 (raised £350 and £500)
  • Half Marathon runners x 2 (raised £175 and £400)
  • Bike ride from home to Wales (£830)
  • Sponsored non-alcohol months (raised £300)
  • Raffle at local school (£50)
  • Sports Relief day – children putting pennies on a road (£300)
  • Children selling fruit tuck and popcorn and homemade bracelets (£100+)
  • Cake sale (£160)
  • Children (16 year old) talking about CSF leaks in worship at school had a collection afterwards (£82)
  • Burlesque evening involving 2 members of staff at school (£160)
  • Charity Ball (red carpet) and Auction (£2,600) + £2,600 to another charity
  • Sky diving (£100)
  • Sponsored car wash in Grandad’s pyjamas (£100)
  • 12 hour dart match at another local pub (£800)
  • Psychic night (£335)
  • Man in a dress in the hospital ward! (£50)
  • Child running 7 miles (£110)
  • Easter Egg raffle x 2 (£175, £82)
  • Busking in and around Minehead ((£1,850)
  • Beetle Drive (£175)
  • Lymestone Brewery Tour (£100)
  • Songs from the Shows evening (tickets £10 each inc. donated sandwiches and cakes for half time) (£1,800)
  • Plus cash and cheque donations adding up to £3,000+
  • Sponsored walk, complete with backpacks
  • Dressing up as a model in the local charity shop window
  • 24 hour badminton tournament

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