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Many hospitals in the UK and Ireland will have doctors who have some experience of dealing with CSF Leaks following lumbar puncture or epidural injections; however, given the general lack of awareness and understanding of CSF leaks and intracranial hypotension, and the condition being considered uncommon, few are likely to have significant experience of diagnosing or treating spontaneous CSF Leaks or those resulting from minor trauma or underlying connective tissue disorders.

If you believe you may be suffering from a CSF Leak, you may wish to consider referral to one of the following hospitals or centres, all of which are known to have doctors with some experience of treating leaks (although we are unable to recommend or endorse any of these institutions or doctors therein). Referral must normally be done through your GP or hospital consultant, irrespective of whether the consultation you’re seeking is provided by the public or private sector.

NHS Scotland

NHS England

NHS Wales

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HSC Northern Ireland

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 Healthcare in the USA

Some of the diagnostic scans and treatments available in the USA have been shown to be more effective in identifying and resolving some of the more complex or persistent leaks. Accordingly, we are aware that a number of patients with a CSF Leaks based in the UK and Ireland have sought medical treatment in the USA.

The following centres in the USA are know to have treated and/or assisted CSF leakers in the UK: