Leak Week UK 2018: Day Seven

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CSF Leaker Profiles

Our Day Seven Leaker Profile, and our final one for Leak Week UK 2018, comes from John Jackson.

We first meet John on Tuesday in his Life with a Leak video. So many people were touched by his story, we thought we’d offer him the floor to write a little more about it today.

You can read his story here: www.csfleak.info/profiles/johnjackson

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Life with a CSF Leak: Leah Smith

Our final Life with a CSF Leak video comes from Leah Smith. She’s a spinal CSF leaker in Wales.


Update from our Medical Advisory Committee

January 2018 saw the inaugural meeting of our Medical Advisory Committee.

We published some feedback from the meeting and outlined some of the priorities for the future.

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Looking back on Leak Week UK 2018

We thought we’d look back at a few key moments of Leak Week 2018…

On Monday, we published our brand new short animation explaining the basics of a CSF leak.

On Wednesday, we published a brand new factsheet: A Quick Reference Guide to Imaging techniques for Spinal CSF Leaks.

Download your copy by clicking here.

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On Friday, we published a brand new leaflet on sensible precautions after an epidural blood patch.

Download your copy by clicking here.

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