Leak Week UK 2018: Day Four

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CSF Leak Treatment

Today’s theme is CSF leak treatment. Many leaks heal without the need for treatment, but a not insignificant number do not.

IV caffeine, blood patching, fibrin glue patching and surgery are all different treatment options.

We’ve shared some information about a few of these as part of today’s online activity and you can also find out more information here: www.csfleak.info/treatment

Caffeine as a treatment for spinal CSF leaks


Epidural Blood Patch Experiences

CSF Leak Epidural Blood Patch Patient Experiences Banner

You can read about two CSF leak sufferer’s blood patch experiences by clicking on the links below:


CSF Leaker Profile: Suzanne Morgan

Click here to read about Suzanne’s experiences of a life with spinal CSF leak.

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CSF Leaker Short Video: Donia Wheelan


Bite-sized Facts

Each day during Leak Week, we publish some bite-sized facts. Here is today’s fact:

CSF Leak Fact 10 - Spinal leaks can recur in 10% of people