Leak Week UK 2018: Day Five

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CSF Leak Aftercare

We’ve been updating our aftercare page for Leak Week 2018. However, the star of today’s activity is our brand new Epidural Blood Patch postcard.

This has been published in consultation with our multidisciplinary team of UK doctors and responded to the common question about what to do after a patch in order to ‘protect it’.

Epidural Blood Patch Postcard (A5)

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You can download a PDF version of the postcard for printing, by clicking here.


CSF Leaker Profile: Rachael Ebeling

Click here to read about Rachael’s experiences of a life with spinal CSF leak.

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CSF Leaker Short Video: Pete Marnick

Former trustee and co-founder of the CSF Leak Association, Pete Marnick, is today’s Life with a CSF Leak featured leaker.


Bite-sized Facts

Each day during Leak Week, we publish some bite-sized facts. Here are today’s facts:

CSF Leak Fact 9 - Average for a Spontaneous Leak is 46 Years Old

CSF Leak Fact 10 - Women are more likely to suffer a spontaneous leak than men