Leak Week 2018

CSF Leak Association Leak Week 2018

Leak Week UK 2018, which coincides with Rare Disease Day 2018, is the annual event where cerebrospinal leak sufferers from across the country come together to raise awareness of CSF leaks, at home, work and abroad. Join us and spread the word!

We’ll be adding information and resources to this page in the coming weeks, so please check back regularly. During Leak Week itself, here you’ll find links to all of our news, posts, publications and initiatives. We’d encourage you to bookmark this page and come back soon!


Blue has been the colour of CSFleak.info since 2014; it’s also the universal colour for water, which is the main component of CSF. It therefore made perfect sense for blue to become the established colour of CSF leak awareness in the UK.

To get this year’s Leak Week started with a fabulous flourish, we’re thrilled to announce that, in partnership with our friends at Scottish Canals, the world-famous Kelpies monument will be lit up in blue on 26th February 2018 especially for CSF leaks.

We’d love if for all of our supporters to wear blue on that day and share photos across social media – using the hashtags #LeakWeek #CSFleak and #WearBlueToo – and encourage friends and family to do the same.

You can use our official Facebook Frame to add a #WearBlueToo overlay to your profile image. You can also use it on any media that you add via Facebook’s mobile apps, so why not take a photo or video of you wearing blue, add a Facebook frame and share it to our Facebook page?

Will you #WearBlueToo?!

CSF Leak Week - #WearBlueToo

Join the Kelpies who’ll be lighting up for CSF leak and #WearBlueToo!

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