Covid-19 Patient Impact Survey 2020


We need your help

Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event and has had a significant impact on delivery of healthcare services in the UK.

We want to understand the impact the pandemic has had on the care and treatment of patients with diagnosed or suspected CSF Leaks in the UK.

What delays or cancellations have patients experienced to outpatient appointments, scans and procedures?

Have services been delivered in different ways such as telephone / video consultations and how effective do patients feel these have been?

Additionally, what has been the impact of any disruption in care on patients overall health?

CSF Leak Association Patient Survey September 2020 ImageTo achieve this aim, we have created an anonymous survey. By completing this survey, you will help us understand what the impact, if any, has been. How this may differ across the UK, including identifying where services are working well and areas where improvements are needed.

You are welcome to fill the survey in on behalf of a patient, such as a child. Please ensure you only fill in and submit the survey once.

Participate in the survey here:

We are very grateful for your contribution to this survey. The more information we can collect the better picture we have of what is happening.

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