Counselling, Support & Psychotherapy

While the CSF Leak Association is not currently able to offer a condition-specific counselling service, we do recognise and appreciate the important role that talking with someone independent of a situation can play in making matters easier to cope with, both for CSF leak sufferers themselves and their families.

Counselling offers a safe, confidential place to talk about your life, your health and anything that may be challenging, painful or uncomfortable. There are different counselling methods and your counsellor will be able to talk to you about their particular method or approach. You can select an approach that suits you.

Counselling allows you to talk with someone who is trained to listen attentively and to help you deal with things, and has been of great benefit to many CSF leak sufferers. Some counselling is available through the NHS, but availability can vary depending on which of the four NHS/HSC services your care falls within. Private counselling is also available widely.

While we are unable to recommend any specific counsellor or psychotherapist, we have provided the following links in order to help you find someone with experience and qualifications: